• Trust

    We need to understand your Vision, Market Share, Business Plan and your Business Models, (which is critical and confidential information for your enterprise) in order to pitch and present to you a Business, Marketing and Growth Plan with Options, (valuable and confidential information for us). Building trust is the most important ingredient of a great professional relationship and signing a mutual NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect all information being shared between both parties and their employees from misuse or leaks to competition, is the first step towards building it.


    We share with you a Request For Information which includes a Client Analysis Form and Document for Vision and Target Tracing. The RFI is to be filled in diligently and shared by you with your Account Director at Nirvana in strict confidence. The RFI covers information about your Product / Service Differentiations, Competitive Analysis, Business Status and Figures, Short Term Targets, Long Term Vision & Objectives and relevant information. Our analysts need this to determine the current status of your enterprise, the right course of action and the right tools for enabling growth. Full and unhindered access to Information is the basic step for a fair assessment of the growth needs of your enterprise.


    Nirvana’s team of Business Researchers and Specialists, work on two levels, studying the information provided by the Enterprise & researching the markets for growth strategies of peers, weakness in the competition, market demand and a SWOT to compile a powerful report with a predictive analysis of the various options for growth of the Enterprise. Based on this set of inputs, an indicative assessment is drawn up of Product / Service Innovations, Niches and Strategies that can be employed for sustainable growth of the Enterprise and its Brand(s) and Market (s).


    Armed with the assesment, our Mentors then review the strategies in long winding discussions, before a meeting is proposed for presenting to you and the Enterprise, a set of probable routes that can be explored, along with the investments required, success predictions and the odds of each route. We call this the Pitch and you as the client, have the sole right to decide which option appeals to you or if none seem workable. If one or some of the options are workable, you enter a time and target bound advisory and execution agreement with Nirvana. If not, we gladly exit the Pitch with no costs to you or the Enterprise, wishing you Good Luck for all your future endeavours.
    We are excited by the prospect of working with you & if you are too, pick up the phone and call us for the first step of building trust. We sure know how to build it & keep it !

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